NuLeaf Farms is focused on reducing environmental impacts and increasing the potential economic profitability for the next generation of farmers.  To meet these challenges, NuLeaf Farms has designed and implemented systems in-house based on three major pillars of technology:


Environmental Control

  • All aspects of the grow cycle are controlled, which provides plants with ideal conditions to produce healthy, nutrient rich food of the highest quality every time

  • Isolated and controlled environment eliminates crop loss due to weather and no need for herbicides or pesticides

  • Provides consistent harvest results year round

  • Reduced labor costs

LED Lighting:

  • Artificial, low energy lighting allows for multiplane plant production

  • Tailored light spectrum for maximum plant growth provides 50% energy savings over traditional lighting

  • Allows for compact system design and smaller HVAC demands

  • No replacement bulbs, fading spectrum or intensity over lifespan of the equipment

  • Adjustable light spectrums allow for controlling plant
    growth and nutrient uptake, which optimizes the flavor, color, and overall vitality of the plants


  • No sunlight is required therefore existing urban warehouse buildings can be repurposed

High Density Volumetric Hydroponic Design:

  • Hydroponics allows better control of nutrient and root conditions for each plant while eliminating many sources of contaminants, pests and disease found in soil production

  • Efficient use of space due to high crop densities

  • Excellent light and air penetration

  • 90% less water used vs. traditional field production

  • No agricultural run off or soil degradation

Research and Development

NuLeaf Farms places a high priority on in-house research and development to further reduce environmental impacts, increase efficiencies, and expand the list of products available to clients.   Some of the research and development efforts are as follows:

  • Market and consumer studies to determine product demands, packaging requirements, and supply strategies

  • Adopting/developing new energy efficient LED lighting hardware as the technology evolves

  • Development and implementation of additional automation systems to streamline the seeding and harvesting processes

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